Artificial Grass Underlay Nidasport 60

Sports Surface Artificial Grass Underlay | High Drainage Capacity
Nidasport® is a micro-honeycomb panel ideal as an underlay for artificial grass sports pitches and surfaces enabling play to continue whatever the weather.

£28.50 per m2 + VAT

Cost per sheet: £68.40 + VAT (sheet size is 2.4m2)
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NIDASPORT® 60 is a 60mm thick micro-honeycomb panel that is sandwiched between two layers of membrane. It is designed to optimise the drainage of artificial grass sports pitches. By optimising pitch drainage and elevating the artificial grass playing surface above the base build-up layers, this allows the artificial grass playing surface to dry as quickly as possible and ensures that the playing surface can be used effectively, even in wet conditions.

Nidasport is manufactured from polypropylene. Each sheet is 2m long by 1.2m wide and covers 2.4 sqm per sheet. The lightweight and large format sheet size ensure that Nidasport® is easy to handle and quick to install making it a cost-effective drainage solution. Nidasport® sheets are laid out over the prepared base and joined together using ADgreen® seaming tape. Nidasport® sheets are simple to cut, can be used with shock pads and are suitable for use with a range of synthetic sports turf including SISTurf, Tiger Turf, Rhino Turf, and 2G, 3G and 4G sports turf.

Nidasport® can be used for new sports pitch installations and for refurbishing existing ones. Nidasport® artificial grass underlay can be combined with Geoflow® to enable artificial sports turf to be laid over a non-porous surface, such as tarmac. This enables the conversion of existing tarmac sports surfaces to artificial grass and is ideal for schools and MUGA's. Nidasport® and Geoflow® also enable the creation of artificial grass sports surfaces on flat roof spaces. For all artificial grass sports pitches, Nidasport® offers a number of benefits which improve the performance of the synthetic grass playing surface. Nidasport® is completely free draining and in periods of heavy rainfall will attenuate a certain volume of rainwater, which it will release gradually. Nidasport® also ensures a long-lasting flat playing surface is achieved.

Improve the drainage and performance of artificial grass and synthetic turf sports surfaces with Nidasport®. Whether that's a professional football or rugby pitch, hockey pitch, tennis courts, leisure center, school playing field or MUGA.

  • NIDASPORT® 60 Artificial Grass Underlay
  • Invented, designed, tested and manufactured by Nidaplast
  • Honeycomb underlay grid for artificial grass installations
  • Ensures maximum drainage to keep artificial grass dry
  • Use as a lightweight build-up layer for roof gardens
  • Lightweight extruded polypropylene (PP) sheets with 8mm cells
  • Allows artificial grass to be bonded directly to the underlay
  • Use as a sub-base replacement for faster installation
  • Can be used in conjunction with shock pads
  • Sheet dimensions: 2m x 1.2m
  • Sheet coverage: 2.4 sqm per sheet
  • Sheet thickness: 60mm
  • Sheet weight: 4.6 kg per sqm
  • Sheet weight: 11.04 kg per sheet
  • Sheet colour: White
  • Diameter of honeycombs: 8 mm
  • Compressive Strength: 120 tonnes per sqm
  • Void percentage: 95%
  • Water storage: Approx. 51 liters per sqm
  • Shock absorption: Approx 10%
  • Product NIDASPORT® 60
    Function Artificial grass underlay
    For sports pitches and surfaces
    Lightweight build-up layer for roof gardens
    Raw Material Polypropylene
    Membranes Non-woven polyester fiber
    Twin layer (thermally bonded)
    PET 25 grams per sqm
    Strength Under compression / Load bearing
    In accordance with ISO 844
    120 tonnes per sqm
    Durability Excellent resistance to chemical substances
    Highly resistant to aggressive products
    Highly resistant to micro-organisms and rodents
    Excellent UV Resistance
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