Gravel Grids & Gravel Stabilisation for Driveways GRAVEL STABILISATION GRIDS FOR DRIVEWAYS

Nidagravel 130 and 140 - Honeycomb gravel stabilisation system
Our Nidagravel 130 and Nidgravel 140 gravel stabilization grids hold loose gravel in place permanently within a system of honeycomb cells, which are supplied in a large format sheet size for fast installation, enabling our gravel stabilisers to be used for a wide range of applications. Nidagravel 130 and 140 gravel grids are designed to stabilise medium to large areas of gravel making these grids ideal for stabilising gravel driveways. Suitable for regular or everyday use by cars, 4x4's and vans as well as the occasional use by heavy trucks and HGVs (for example - when a large vehicle makes a delivery to your home). In addition to creating a firm, stable gravel surface for vehicles and parking a Nidagravel grid driveway surface is much easier to use for everyone. Walking across the stabilised gravel surface is easy and it's suitable for wheelchair users. Riding your bike, motorbike, pushing a buggy and even just putting the wheelie bins out is a breeze. You don't even know Nidagravel honeycomb grids are there as our gravel retention system is designed to be an invisible gravel stabiliser hidden from view under a layer of gravel. The Nidagravel 130 and 140 gravel mats are filled to the top with your choice of angular decorative gravel and then overfilled with a thin layer of gravel so that all you see is a natural and attractive gravel surface.

The main application for Nidagravel 130 and 140 gravel stabilisation grids is the residential driveway and we regularly recommend both of these honeycomb gravel trays for this application. In addition to our gravel grids preventing potholes and ruts from developing, Nidagravel 130 and 140 grids can effectively stabilise gravel on sloping driveways of up to 15% with minimal gravel migration, which is an important factor, as most gravel driveways in the UK have some degree of slope either towards or away from the property. The maximum slope gradient that we recommend for gravel driveways is 15% (that's a fall of 15cm in the metre) up to this gradient the sloping gravel surface will be effectively stabilised with very low movement of gravel. Where a driveway gradient is at the maximum 15% or close to this, we recommend using our highest specification honeycomb gravel grid, Nidagravel 140, which is even more robust than our Nidagravel 130 grids and at 40mm thick it can hold a greater volume of gravel (approx 200kg per sheet). Nidagravel 130 and 140 gravel grid dimensions are both the same at 1.2m wide x 2m long. Nidagravel 130 is 30mm thick and Nidagravel 140 is 40mm thick. Each grid covers 2.4 square meters, which makes them quick to install and large gravel driveways can be laid quickly, which is one of the reasons Nidagravel grid driveways are such a cost-effective option. One of the experienced contractors listed on our Contractor Link can lay and fill up to 400 sqm of Nidagravel grids per day onto a prepared sub-base on a large project where access is good. This demonstrates the speed at which Nidagravel grids can be laid on large projects. Our honeycomb grids are lightweight and can be moved around and laid easily by one person making Nidagravel grids also suitable for DIY installation and the average-sized driveway. For more technical details about our Nidagravel 130 and Nidagravel 140 gravel trays please go to the relevant product pages where you can see the compressive strengths and download datasheets and brochures


Nidagravel grid driveways of all sizes are installed by both professional contractors and self installers all over the UK
From Cornwall to Scotland and everywhere in between our customers are stabilising their gravel driveways using the Nidagravel 130 and Nidagravel 140 gravel retention system and enjoying the many benefits of a high-performance and low-maintenance, stable gravel driveway. There are far too many projects to show on this page, but here are a few photos of our customer's driveway projects. You can view more gravel driveway photos in our gravel grid gallery.

If you have an old concrete or tarmac driveway that you would like to refurbish using Nidgravel grids or a large driveway in need of attention or a project involving a variety of driveway and landscaping works then you will probably need the services of a professional contractor experienced in laying Nidagravel gravel grids. Use our Contractor Link to search for a contractor in your area and get your Nidagravel grid driveway project started today.

Use Nidagravel 130 & 140 honeycomb gravel trays for the following applications
  • Medium to large residential gravel driveways
  • Shared driveways and private roads
  • Creation of additional parking or temporary parking areas
  • Staff, visitor and overflow parking areas
  • Large gravel terraces and expanses of gravel
  • Long linear pathway layouts and designs
  • Cycleways, trackways and pedestrian footpaths

  • Benefits of installing our drive grids for your gravel driveway
  • Provides a stable and firm gravel surface for driveways
  • Wheelchair friendly gravel surface
  • Stabilise gravel on sloping driveways up to a 15% gradient
  • Ideal stable gravel surface for disabled access and wheelchair users
  • 100% Free draining gravel surface. Requires no additional drainage measures
  • SuDS compliant driveway surface (planning permission is not usually required for new gravel driveways)
  • Low maintenance gravel driveway surface that requires little time to keep looking good
  • Lightweight gravel grids are easy to handle and quick to lay
  • Gravel is an attractive and natural driveway surface which suits all types of properties


    Take a look at our latest Nidagravel gravel driveway grid video - 'How to create gravel driveways using Nidagravel'
    Our Nidagravel gravel grids get called all sorts of different names, including gravel trays, gravel mats, drivegrid, driveway grids, honeycomb stabilisers and gravel retention grids - we just call them gravel grids! However you like refer to our gravel stabilisation system, this 'how-to' video will show you what's involved in laying a Nidagravel grid driveway and the steps involved from starting the project and deciding on your sub-base depth, levelling and compacting the base, laying the grids and filling them with gravel. Our gravel reinforcement system is quick and easy to install and does a great job of effectively stabilising your gravel driveway, keeping your gravel in place permanently and making it a pleasure to use.

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    After you have watched our gravel driveway grid 'how-to' video, please take a moment to read what just a few of our satisfied customers from across the UK have to say about how effective our Nidagravel grids are at stabilising their gravel driveways and about our delivery and customer service.
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