Nidagravel stabilised and permeable gravel grid surfaces form part of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).
Nidagravel and SuDS or sustainable urban drainage systems naturally work together. Sustainable drainage in the urban environment is all about slowing down rainwater and reducing run-off in an effort to alleviate the pressure placed on the existing stormwater and sewage systems in the UK and to help prevent flooding resulting from shorts burst of extremely heavy rainfall and prolonged average rainfall. There are many ways in which SuDS deal with these issues apart from porous surfaces including green roofing, bioswales and balancing ponds. There is plenty of information available for designers, architects and developers to incorporate these drainage features into the design of new buildings, housing developments, public spaces and landscapes. Our product range fits neatly into the porous paving or permeable paving area of SuDS and Nidagravel gravel stabilisers offer a great range of benefits beyond just the stabilisation of gravel and the high performance of its finished surface. Nidagravel provides a 100% permeable surface over 100% of its surface area and is probably both the most natural and most permeable surface finish that can be specified. Nidagravel certainly performs as well as, or better than other porous paving options available including permeable block paving, permeable tarmac, permeable resin bound surfaces and reinforced grass paver systems. When used in conjunction with a permeable sub-base material, Nidagravel stabilisers can be successfully incorporated into a sustainable drainage system and make a real difference. The adoption of Nidagravel surfaces by developers would make a significant difference to the sustainable drainage of new housing developments. Nidagravel is simple and cost-effective to install and if used only for the driveway and parking areas of residential developments the reduction in run-off would be significant.

Susdrain video - ever wondered where the rain goes?
Susdrain is an independent organisation promoting the use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) within the modern built environment. Their website is an interesting resource for architects, designers, contractors and the general public to find out more about managing run-off in our towns and cities and building more sustainably.