Gravel Stabilisation Grids Gallery A few examples of how our gravel grids are used and installed

Nidagravel gravel grids are the perfect solution to stabilise gravel, wherever it is used. We have a range of gravel stabilisation products for residential and commercial use and for DIYers and professional contractors to use. Nidagravel is the original and best system, recommended by building, landscaping, and civil engineering companies around the world. Nidagravel 129, 130 & 140 gravel grids are designed for optimum performance and maximum durability. The honeycomb cells that hold the gravel in place permanently are designed to be invisible and these unique honeycomb sheets or grids ensure that a perfect finish will be achieved for all gravel surfaces including, driveways, parking bays, commercial areas, paths, terraces and any other application that requires a stable gravel surface.

Below is a selection of projects using Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids installed by professional contractors throughout the UK and Europe which show the wide range of applications for which Nidagravel provides the perfect solution.

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