Gravel Grid Video Galley If a photograph says a thousand words, then a video must say about a million!

It's great to be able to see photos of our products and technical datasheets, but when it comes to seeing exactly how our gravel stabilisation grid systems are installed, then you just can't beat a video. Here you will find videos showing how all our gravel grids are installed including gravel grid paths, patios, driveways and car parks. As you will see, Nidagravel grids are simple to install and they are laid over a standard sub-base. This makes our gravel grids easy for DIYers to install for smaller garden and driveway projects and makes Nidagravel grids the ideal choice of gravel grid for building and landscaping contractors to use on larger projects, including driveways and car parks with a gravel grid to suit every application.

We hope you enjoy seeing just how easy it is to create stable gravel surfaces with Nidagravel grids.