Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Pathways NIDAGRAVEL 129 APPLICATIONS - Gravel Pathways, Cycle Paths, Pedestrian Areas and more

Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Nidagravel 129 holds gravel in place permanently within honeycomb cells in a small format sheet size. Nidagravel 129 gravel grids are the smallest size of honeycomb gravel stabiliser in the range. It was designed for installing gravel pathways, small gravel areas, and small driveways or the creation of an additional parking space. The sheet dimensions are 0.8m x 1.2m. These dimensions used either widthways or longways are ideal for standard path widths, making gravel pathway installation very quick without the need for excessive cutting of the grids. At 0.96 sqm per sheet, these smaller gravel grids are lighter in weight and a bit easier to handle, making them ideal for projects with restricted access, such as roof gardens, rear gardens with no side access or small gardens where handling a larger sheet size would be awkward or difficult. With a thickness of 29mm, Nidagravel 129 might be small, but it is still an extremely strong gravel grid when filled with gravel or a decorative aggregate of your choosing.

Use Nidagravel 129 for the following applications:
  • Pathways
  • Cycle Paths
  • Roof Gardens
  • Small Gardens and Courtyards
  • Small Residential Driveways
  • Creation of a Single Parking Space

  • Benefits of Nidagravel 129:
  • Provides a stable and firm gravel surface
  • Wheelchair friendly gravel surface
  • Ideal surface for disabled access
  • 100% Free draining
  • SuDS compliant surface
  • Low maintenance gravel surface
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Attractive and natural path surface