Gravel Grid Nidagravel NG040 Sample

Heavy-Duty Commercial Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Gravel grids for stabilising all commercial, industrial and equestrian, heavy use gravel surfaces including parking bays, storage yards, car parks and trackways.

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For new customers, garden designers, architects, and contractors we offer product samples so you can get hands-on with a Nidagravel grid. Exciting stuff, eh! and now, unlike the shrinking size of a chocolate bar, we are bucking the trend and making our Nidagravel NG040 samples bigger. They are now a whopping 300 x 400mm!

Please note that due to the smaller unit size of NG040 gravel grids, when boxed samples are unavailable we send a full-size NG040 gravel grid as a sample.

Nidagravel NG040 gravel grids have been developed for the creation of stable, long-lasting, 100% water-permeable gravel surfaces for heavy-duty commercial, industrial and equestrian applications. Designed to be visible and to be filled with a coarser, larger aggregate size. Nidagravel NG040 gravel grids interlock for strength and are manufactured from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is a 100% recyclable plastic material. Each Nidagravel NG040 grid is 500mm x 500mm square, which covers 0.25 sqm per grid. Four grids lock together to form a 1 sqm grid, which makes calculating quantities simple. The patented interlocking system ensures there can be no separation or movement between each grid and there is no limit to the area that can be covered. The grid matrix wall thickness is 3mm with an outer perimeter wall thickness of 5mm. These sturdy gravel grids are designed to be laid over a standard ground stabilising membrane placed above the correctly compacted sub-base material, (subject to application) and filled with a decorative aggregate from 10 - 20mm in size, which is ideally angular-shaped gravel.

Nidagravel NG040 grids are supplied in a single sheet size of 0.25 sqm and snap together quickly for fast installation. Nidagravel NG040 is 100% permeable and can be specified as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS). It is used by landscaping, building, and civil engineering contractors for porous gravel surfaces that are subject to heavy loading and high axle weights. Applications include permanent or temporary trackways and access roads, parking bays, lorry parking, storage yards, public spaces, or permeable car parking. The commercial application of Nidagravel NG040 is extremely varied and it is the ideal product to use where a heavy-duty reinforced gravel surface is required. The gravel grids are black in colour, UV stable, and resistant to extremes of high and low temperatures. Use Nidagravel IG040 gravel grids to create commercial walkways, large driveways, and car parks from 50 sqm to 10,000 sqm in size.

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  • Nidagravel NG040 - Gravel Grid SAMPLE ONLY
  • NEW SIZE: Samples are approx 300mm x 400mm in size
  • Samples are boxed individually
  • There is one sample per box
  • Please note that we may despatch a full size NG040 grid as a sample
  • Samples are dispatched via Royal Mail
  • We despatch samples weekly in batches
  • Please allow up to 5 - 10 working days for delivery
  • Product See Technical Data Sheet
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