Nidaroof Blue Roof Rainwater Attenuation System

Rooftop Attenuation System for Blue-Green Roofs
Nidaroof forms part of a blue roof system designed for the storage and temporary attenuation of rainwater on flat roofs. Slow the rate at which rainwater is released from the roof and form part of a rooftop sustainable urban drainage solution (SuDS).



The Lightweight and Versatile Blue Green Roof System
Nidaroof is our product for rooftop rainwater retention and attenuation. The lightweight system offers a cost-effective blue roof solution suitable for a wide range of blue green roof designs. Nidaroof can be installed directly beneath pedestal paving systems and is suitable for use with intensive and extensive green roofs and roof gardens. The flexible Nidaroof system can be incorporated into a range of blue green roof designs and combined with our Geoflow and Nidagreen products or with other systems to meet the requirements of the project.

Suitable for Blue, Green, and Blue Green Roofs
Blue and green roofs are designed to make better use of rooftop space and they play an increasingly important role in sustainable urban spaces. Blue roofs are primarily designed to collect rainwater, before gradually and steadily releasing this rainwater over a 24-hour period following a storm event. This helps to guard against excess water and flooding and comply with local SuDS guidelines, particularly in city center locations. Nidaroof can be considered as part of the overall SuDS management for a building, with the honeycomb cell structure, allowing water to be stored for irrigation of vegetation and planters as well as attenuated and released at a controlled flow rate.

Blue Roof Solutions
Rooftop SuDS designs have weight and load implications and a structural engineer should be engaged at an early stage. There are also a range of different options available to the construction designer to achieve a blue roof depending on the surface finishes desired and the volume of water to be attenuated. Whatever the project the Nidaroof system offers an attractive rooftop SuDS solution.

  • Rooftop rainwater retention and attenuation system
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Suitable for intensive and extensive roof gardens
  • Ideal for use under pedestal paving systems
  • Ideal for use with roof podiums and multiple surface finishes
  • Lightweight system reduces loading on the roof structure
  • Simple and fast system to install for contractors
  • Combine with Geoflow for roof drainage and flow regulation
  • Combine with Nidagreen for artificial grass surfaces
  • Can be incorporated into a wide range of blue roof systems
  • Flexible and versatile blue green roof system
  • Product ID: Nidaroof
  • Sheet dimensions: 2.4m x 1.2m
  • Sheet coverage: 2.88 sqm per sheet
  • Sheet thickness: 40/60/100/520mm
  • Sheet colour: Black
  • Void rate: 95%
  • Diameter of honeycombs: approx 50mm
  • Short term compression: 300 kPa
  • Long term compression: 30 kPa*
  • Manufacturer Nidaplast
    Product ID Nidaroof
    Function Rooftop rainwater / stormwater attenuation
    Material Extruded polypropylene (PP) honeycomb
    Recyclable Yes, 100% fully recyclable
    Compression Resistance to short term vertical compression 300 kPa
    Resistance to long term vertical compression 30 kPa*
    *extrapolated to 50 years
    Durability High resistance to water, most acids, bases and salt solutions
    High resistance to UV

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