Gravel Grid Nidagravel 130

Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Driveways
Nidagravel 130 honeycomb gravel grids offer the best solution for stabilising medium to large gravel driveways. Large grid size enables speedy installation. Fully SuDS-compliant gravel grid.

£11.25 per m2 + VAT

Cost per grid: £27.00 + VAT (grid size is 2.4m2)
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Large format Driveway Grids for Stabilising Gravel Driveways

Nidagravel 130 gravel grids are designed to completely stabilise gravel surfaces. Our honeycomb gravel grid system creates stable, durable, 100% rainwater permeable gravel paths, patios, and driveways. Our driveway grids are made from recycled polypropylene with a honeycomb structure that contains the gravel. The hexagonal cells, with a diameter of 49mm and a depth of 30mm have a porous geotextile bonded to the underside of each grid using a hot-glue process. This membrane inhibits weed growth and prevents any gravel from moving underneath the grids. There are also two overlaps of geotextile membrane on two sides of each sheet, which provide continuity of the membrane when butting sheets together during installation. Nidagravel 130 gravel grids are supplied in a large format sheet size of 2.4 SQM per grid making installation fast and efficient. Our grids do not require any clips, fixings, or pinning down as the weight of the gravel is more than sufficient to hold the grids in place.

Nidagravel 130 gravel stabilisers are used by garden designers, landscapers, building and construction contractors all over the UK to create stable gravel driveways that are completely permeable, SuDS compliant, suitable for wheelchair users and are a pleasure to use every day, all year round. We hold large stocks and offer speedy delivery direct to your door within 48 hours. This means the sub-base preparation can be completed and the driveway edgings installed prior to arrival so that the base is all ready for your Nidagravel 130 grids to be installed. Once the grids have been correctly fitted and filled with gravel they are ready to use straight away.

Nidagravel 130 gravel stabilisation grids are lightweight and easy to handle, but also extremely strong when filled with gravel, making Nidagravel 130 grids suitable for all domestic driveways used by cars, vans, 4x4's and larger delivery vehicles. All our gravel grids are UV stable and temperature stable. So if you want a stable gravel surface that is a pleasure to use and easy to maintain, use Nidagravel 130 gravel grids for your garden paths, medium to large driveways, off-road parking spaces, gravel patios, and any other gravel surfaces you can think of!

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  • The original and best gravel stabilisation system
  • Invented, designed, tested and manufactured by Nidaplast
  • Designed for optimum performance and durability
  • Designed to be an invisible gravel stabilisation system when installed
  • Made from UV stable polypropylene
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process uses water recycling
  • Each grid contains 30% recycled plastic
  • Our gravel grids are 100% free draining and SuDS compliant
  • Large 2.4 SQM grid size for fast and efficient installation
  • Stabilise gravel on a sloping driveway up to a 15% gradient
  • Can be laid on a standard sub-base or over concrete and tarmac
  • Ideal gravel grid for medium to large gravel driveways
  • Delivered on our sturdy wooden 'Jumbo' pallets
  • We can ship up to 70 grids (168 SQM) on a single jumbo pallet
  • Product ID: Nidagravel 130
  • Sheet dimensions: 2.m x 1.2m
  • Sheet coverage: 2.4 sqm per sheet
  • Sheet thickness: 30mm
  • Sheet weight empty: 1.35 kg per sqm
  • Sheet weight empty: 3.24 kg per sheet
  • Sheet weight filled: 70 kg per sqm (approx.)
  • Sheet weight filled: 168 kg per sheet (approx.)
  • Sheet colour: White
  • Diameter of honeycombs: 49 mm
  • Compressive strength (filled): 300 tonnes per sqm (approx.)
  • Gravel fill type: Any Decorative aggregate
  • Gravel fill type: Angular shaped (recommended)
  • Gravel fill size: Single Size Gravel 6mm (minimum)
  • Gravel fill size: Single Size Gravel 10mm (maximum)
  • Gravel fill size: Graded Gravel 4 - 14mm (range)
  • Product ID Nidagravel 130
    Function Gravel Stabilisation Only
    Raw Material Copolymer polypropylene
    30% recycled PP
    70% high-quality PP
    Membrane 45g (thermally glued)
    Mass Approx 1.35 kg per sqm
    Approx 3.24 kg per sheet
    Strength Under compression / Load-bearing
    In accordance with ISO 844
    Empty sheet Strength 20 tonnes per sqm (approx.)
    Filled sheet Strength 300 tonnes per sqm (approx.)
    Durability Excellent resistance to chemical substances
    Highly resistant to aggressive products
    Highly resistant to microorganisms and rodents
    Excellent UV Resistance

    The reviews below are just a sample of the customer reviews for our Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids. To view all our gravel grid reviews please visit:

    Brilliant product. I did have my doubts that it could do the job but these were totally misplaced. I used them to cover an old concrete garage and they have worked a treat. Would recommend this product 100%.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    The product did what it said it would. I have a sloping drive and Nidagravel has stopped any movement of gravel down the drive. Very impressed with the performance.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    I used Driveway Nidagravel on the slope of the driveway. I've had it down for a month and it works really well. I wish I had used it on the flat parts of the drive because it's so much better to walk on.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Excellent product, used as part of DIY drive project. Straightforward order and delivery service, easy to cut to size, colour makes grids almost invisible once filled with gravel. We've also enjoying dumbfounding neighbours and visitors by laying gravel on a slope!
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    We have a small sloping driveway that everyone told me would not be suitable for gravel. Nidagravel was the perfect solution. I have used stone chippings that are slightly over the recommended size and I still have no issues with them slipping down on to the road. We use this as our main access most of the time so the other requirement was to be able to walk on it without feeling any sinking or movement. It does this even better than I expected. Finally our aggregate is grey/white so we wanted the stabiliser to blend in, and in fact you wouldn't know it's there. Very satisfied.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Great product, fantastic communication throughout the whole process from purchase to delivery. Will use again and definitely recommend this company!
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    I needed information about the correct product to suit my driveway , Nidagravel technical team were very efficient and helpful , received a phone call half an hour after initial email. I received the product I required on time and in perfect condition . Very easy to install and also received a complimentary skip cap , writing pad and pens which was a nice touch . Will certainly be using these guys again. Quality product and company.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Nidagravel is a very easy product to use that has done it's job perfectly in stabilising our gravel drive.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

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